Supporting the public, private and non-profit sectors in collaborative efforts to increase awareness of our region, advocate for regional needs, and support a strong and sustainable Gorge economy.
One Gorge is comprised of private and public sector leaders working together to understand and advocate for the unique needs of our individual communities and the regional community as a whole. We are collaborating to advocate for the investments and support that our communities need to build and sustain a thriving economy in this unique and beautiful region shared by Washington and Oregon.


We represent the public, private and non-profit sectors in a collaborative effort to advocate for regional needs and a strong and sustainable Gorge economy… one community, one economy, one future.


Through coordinated efforts, we support state and federal legislative change and funding of key projects to advance the economic development priorities of regional organizations, tribal nations, businesses, cities, counties and ports. We represent a broad coalition of private employers and public agencies. We share information about legislation, planning, and capital projects that address regional challenges. We leverage existing lobbying efforts and implement targeted advocacy strategies on a limited number of broadly accepted priorities. We meet regularly to affirm priority actions and update progress and challenges. We maintain communication with public and private stakeholders.


Advocate for vibrant, sustainable communities and a strong regional economy. Increase awareness of Gorge priorities in Olympia, Salem, and Washington, DC. Strengthen systems that support people, families, and sustainable communities. Ensure the region has adequate resources to plan, maintain, and construct critical infrastructure that supports economic development.


  1. Transportation – Replace the Hood River Bridge, repair and upgrade the Bridge of the Gods and build the Bingen Point Overpass while preserving existing crossings to Bingen Point.
  2. Support expansion of broadband access throughout the region.
  3. Bi-state recognition of EMS Certification
  4. Full funding of the Oregon & Washington Investment Boards


OneGorge is an informally organized network of private businesses, public agencies, and non-profit organizations that facilitates advocacy efforts for regional priorities. Primary responsibility for coordination rotates among members, currently done by the Port of Hood River. OneGorge member communications occur primarily via email listserv, online forums, and monthly meetings.